Esteban Salazar


Personal Info:


Name: Esteban Salazar

Birth Date: 30/07/1984. 

Place of Birth: Quito, Ecuador.

Email Address:


Very high understanding in hipoly modeling, character creation, good understanding in lopoly modeling, very proficient in digital sculpting, graphic design, interface design, strong knowledge in texture handling, knowledge in hardsurface modeling, strong knowledge in surface transfer techniques (texture baking), etc.

Video Editing, node compositing, chroma key setting, etc. 

Videocamera handling, basic boom handling, cinematography skills. 

Spanish as first language, read, spoken, written.

English as second language, read, spoken, written.

Software Skills:

Nevercenter Silo: Very proficient in modeling skills, hi-poly, lo-poly, character modeling, design and props, high retopo skills.

Blender Foundation Blender: Very proficient in modeling, texture baking, sculpting, uv unwraping, excelent retopology skills, compositing nodes knowledge, basic animation and riggin knowledge.

Pixologic ZBrush: Very high understanding in hi-poly modeling, texture transfer techniques, transponse and digital sculpting.

Adobe Photoshop-The GIMP: Proficient use of editing filters, image maipulation, post-production, and all related to 2D editing process.

Autodesk Maya.

Autodesk Mudbox.

XNormal: Rendering and map Baking.

Marmoset Toolbag: Rendering, lightning and particle editing.

Final Cut Pro: Linear and non-linear edition, 3D and 2D integration with compositing Apps.


Instituto Metropolitano de Diseño, Quito, Ecuador: 2002-2006 (Multimedia Design).

CGSociety Workshops: Character Creation in Zbrush.

CGSociety Workshops: Modern Game Art-Weapons.

CGCookie:  Mastering Modeling in Blender.

Work Experience:

Character modeling and UV unwrapping: Mimetico Studio 

Character and prop modeling: Blumedia 

Character Creation techniques (tutor): La Metro

Non-Linear Edition: Cinearte

Camera, edition, sound recording: Talento Digital

Character modeling: Vertigo Films

Character and Prop modeling: MatteCG

Character and Prop modeling: Karibu Games 


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